Miradouro da Rota do Douro

Located on the winding road that connects Beira Grande to Coleja, skirting the relief of the mountains overlooking the Douro, this viewpoint enjoys magnificent views over the vineyards and terraces, Quinta das Vargellas, the riverside villages and the Douro River in all its grandeur.


Beira Grande
5140-021,Carrazeda de Ansiães


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Gardens near Miradouro da Rota do Douro

Jardim da Igreja de Fonte Longa

Garden care that involves the Church Long source, with tall trees, small bushes and lamps.

Jardim da Praça Dom Lopo Vaz de Sampaio

Is one of the central gardens and best-known in the region. Inside are hidden granite carvings, through flower beds and trees, and even a fountain, downtown.

Jardim de Carrazeda de Ansiães

Spacious garden with various trees in growth, children's amusement and banks, to enjoy a good shadow or a moment of relaxation.

Jardim de Linhares

Old garden, with small tracks in parallel, garden benches, pine trees and other garden areas.

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