Palácio do Duque de Palmela

A palace built on the site of the demolished Fortress of Our Lady of Conceição, it was acquired in 1868 by the Duques of Palmela in order to build a summer residence there. The project belongs to the English architect Thomas Henry Wyatt. With a revivalist English architecture, this building is covered by masonry. In the main raised wall one can view, above the door, the coat of arms of the family of the Duchess of Palmela.


Alameda Duquesa de Palmela


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Monuments near Palácio do Duque de Palmela

Casa Faial

Built in 1896, this is a replica of the model of the palaces in Cascais. It has 2 water rooftops, multiplied in the attic.

Casa Monsalvat

Summer house built in 1901, according to design by the architect Raul Lino. Features an irregular plan composed by the articulation of three rectangular bodies…

Forte de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

The ancient fort stood on the current Palace of the Dukes of Palmela. Currently, it remains only a parapet, dating from the 19th century.

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