Castelo de Castelo de Vide

The medieval fortress, which comprises the Castle and urbana, was built in the reign of King Dinis, getting completed in the reign of Afonso IV, in 1327. In the 17th century works were performed in magnification fortification surrounding the settlement within the limits of the current garden. The Fort of San Lorenzo was built in the 18th century, by which time the fortification bastion has been extended with the wall of Laurels. The fortress owned a considerable extension, surrounding almost the whole of the village. Located in one of the highest hills of Serra de São Mamede, was caretaker of one of the most important Roman military roads, connecting Mérida to the West coast of the peninsula. This castle was residence of the marquesses of Alvito and cloister of the order of the Trinitarians and Franciscans.


Rua Direita do Castelo
7320-151,Castelo de Vide


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