Percurso pelos Parques e Jardins de Coimbra

To take a walk or rest for a while, there nothing better than the tour through the parks and gardens of Coimbra. Starting at the Choupal, a shelter for students’ loves, continue to the Quinta das Lágrimas, where the tradition locates the drama of D. Pedro and D. Inês. Next, get to know the Botanic Garden, where thousands of exotic and autochthones species are gathered, and add to this, decorative elements such as fountains and ponds. The Sereia Garden, so-called because there is a fountain with a triton the people called a mermaid, was the place meant for entertainment and meditation of the friars from the Santa Cruz Monastery. Here you can see not only the French influence at the lanes, lakes, ponds and flower bed games, but also the English romantic atmosphere at shady corners and cascades. To end this tour take a leap at the Penedo da Saudade where you can read excerpts of Portuguese authors’ poems and enjoy the fabulous view that this terrace offers.


Estrada das Lágrimas


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Outdoor activities near Percurso pelos Parques e Jardins de Coimbra

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