Castellum de Alcabideque

Tower of catchment, located next to a tank triggered by instinct, which served essentially to grasp and raise the water for his subsequent transport through an aqueduct with three kilometres to the city of Conímbriga.


Rua do Canto, 2


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Monuments near Castellum de Alcabideque

Cruzeiro de Vila Seca

Cruise dating from 1140, with a cylindrical shaft and, at the top, a pattern of arms of Portugal and a cross of the order of Christ.

Aqueduto Romano de Conímbriga

This ancient aqueduct can still observe the water catchment area for the Roman city of Conímbriga and traces to an extension of 3550 feet. Water catchment syst…

Busto do Padre Doutor João Antunes

Bust erected in tribute to father João Antunes, painter, founder of the choir of St.petersburg and meritorious of the school of Arts and crafts.

Casa dos Arcos / Casa das Colunas

Edifício datado de 1974, com a fachada principal de composição escalonada. O alpendre com as colunas toscanas, que lhe dão o nome, já não existe, apenas subsis…

Cruzeiro de Belide

Cruise restored in 1952, with two steps, a smooth forend and, on top, a coat of arms of Portugal, an armillary sphere and a cross.

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