Busto do Padre Doutor João Antunes

Bust erected in tribute to father João Antunes, painter, founder of the choir of St.petersburg and meritorious of the school of Arts and crafts.




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Monuments near Busto do Padre Doutor João Antunes

Casa das Colunas

Building dating back to 1974, with the main facade of staggered composition. The porch with Tuscan columns, which give you the name, no longer exists, only two…

Fonte da Praça da República

Source dated 1928, decorated with some tile panels and two garden beds with flowers.

Fonte da Rua de Condeixinha

Fountain restored in 1930, with a spout and a large tiled Panel.

Fonte do Bairro da Nossa Senhora da Lapa

Fountain restored in 1933, located at ground level, with two spouts and a small tile Panel.

Fonte dos Amores

Source built in 1851 and restored in 1974, with two spouts and a tile Panel.

Homenagem aos Combatentes da Grande Guerra

Sculpture erected in tribute to the fighters of the great war, where stands out at the top, a coat of arms of Portugal, an armillary sphere and a cross.

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