Pelourinho de Coruche

It was rebuilt in 1941 from the original elements from the 15th and 16th centuries, presenting a pedestal arranged in degrees with five steps where a hexagonal base settles with a double plinth, frames and worked torus. The twisted shaft is in spiral and it possesses square cockade interrupted in its centre by an ornate ring with balls. It has an armillary sphere, the Avis Cross, escutcheons, the town Coat of Arms and Calatrava Cross.


Largo do Pelourinho


  • Pillories & Stone crosses
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Monuments near Pelourinho de Coruche

Edifício na Rua Direita

Sunny two-storey building. Situated in the historic centre, with the main facade facing the main route of movement.

Edifício no Terreiro do Brito

House situated next to sidewalk access to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Castelo, in the middle of an area of recent urban growth. Sunny building, House-type l…

Edifício na Praça da Liberdade

Sunny building, large, with three storeys and attic. Has an imposing façade, though sober and balanced.

Edifício na Praça da Liberdade

Dwelling house of bourgeois character, with two floors and a penthouse on the axis of the main façade. The main façade of the building occupies a prominent pla…

Edifício na Praça da Liberdade

House of bourgeois housing, two floors and an attic, with service and storage area on the ground floor.

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