Ermida de São Brás

Is a 15th-century temple, being built on the initiative of Dom João II. The galilé consists of Gothic arches, representing faithfully the primitive Temple. Inside, yet, you can observe some panels of painting over the altar, two of them illustrating life of São Brás.


Avenida Doutor Francisco Barahona, 1


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Monuments near Ermida de São Brás

Edifício da Rua Cândido dos Reis

Building with glazed tile rim and an arched door.

Edifício da Agência do Banco de Portugal

White building with granite rims in both doors and windows.

Palácio Barahona / Tribunal da Relação de Évora

Building with a white rim, flowers and cornucopias in relief and a small tower with a cock.

Edifício do Lar de Nossa Senhora da Visitação

Building with a small elevated atrium and windows in Gothic arch.

Igreja dos Remédios / Núcleo Interpretativo do Megalitismo

Church placed inside a small atrium and the entrance is made through a portal with the royal arms.

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