Paços de Évora / Palácio de Dom Manuel

The Ladies gallery is what remains from this Palace which was built by the Avis dynasty during the 16th century in Gothic – renaissance style. Gil Vicente has represented seven of his Acts in this Palace dedicated to the Queens Dona Maria de Castela and Dona Catarina da Àustria.


Praça 1º de Maio - Rua 24 de Julho, 1


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Monuments near Paços de Évora / Palácio de Dom Manuel

Palácio Barahona / Tribunal da Relação de Évora

Building with a white rim, flowers and cornucopias in relief and a small tower with a cock.

Edifício do Ministério da Economia

Large building that belongs to the Ministério da Economia.

Edifício do Hospital Militar Regional

Single building where the random distribution of the various sizes windows stands out.

Capela dos Ossos

One of the symbols of Évora, the Capela dos Ossos lies in the interior of the Church of San Francisco and was built in the 17th century. The walls lined with b…

Chafariz da Rua República

Fountain inside a white glazed tile wall. There’s a shell in the centre.

Edifício da Praça 1º de Maio / Museu do Artesanato e do Design – MADE

Large building with granite door-posts on both doors and windows. There’s a coat of arms on the upper part of the door.

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