Praça do Giraldo

The center of the city of Évora. Highlighting the typical neoclassical and romantic façades, dominated the wrought-iron balconies. There is the fountain of Praça do Giraldo, work of architect Afonso Álvares, built in 1571, in white marble, crowned by a bronze Crown.


Praça do Giraldo


  • Difficult external parking
  • Historical streets & Plazas
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Monuments near Praça do Giraldo

Edifício da Agência do Banco de Portugal

White building with granite rims in both doors and windows.

Caixa de Água

This work by Fransico Arruda has a deposit among columns, to distribute water to the aqueduct.

Centro Histórico de Évora

Discover the charms of this town-museum, classified by UNESCO, in 1986, as a world heritage site, such is his legacy and historical wealth. Let yourself be gui…

Chafariz da Praça de Giraldo

The fountain, a work of the architect Afonso Álvares, was built in the XVI century. It is made of white marble ending with a crown of bronze and eight ajutages…

Edifício da Rua Cândido dos Reis

This is a white building with relief rim and arched windows.

Edifício da Caixa Geral de Depósitos de Évora

It is a white construction with granite rims in both doors and windows.

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