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Parque das Serras do Porto

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Rua do Padrão, 27
4440-617, Valongo


As Serras de Santa Justa, Pias, Castiçal, Flores, Santa Iria e Banjas constituem uma unidade paisagística de extrema significância para a Área Metropolitana do Porto, pelo extenso e diversificado conjunto de valores de ordem natural e cultural que a caracteriza, pelos serviços ecossistémicos que assegura e pela proximidade face a núcleos urbanos, vias de comunicação e circuitos turísticos. Estas serras estão classificadas como Paisagem Protegida Regional.

Passeio pelo Parque da Cidade do Porto

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Estrada da Circunvalação
4100, Porto


The major green space in Porto offers a large variety of atmospheres and options, since a family walk in a Sunday afternoon till a lonely sportive morning jogging. Beginning in the city and ending at the sea, these are ninety hectares of nature, fauna and flora, woods and meadows. While the lawn open spaces are an invitation to exercise and fun, the retreats of shadow call for relaxation. The city park is crossed by kilometres of ground tracks proper to exercise, being it a run or a bicycle ride. There also tracks passing through fountains and lakes, leading you to …

Arouca Geopark

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Albergaria da Serra
4540-011, Albergaria da Serra


The Arouca Geopark covers the administrative area of Arouca municipality, which has been stated by his exceptionally located geological heritage of international relevance recognized by European and Global Network of Geoparks of UNESCO since April 2009. The valuable and unique geological heritage inventoried covers a total of 41geossítios especially the famous Parideiras Stones in the village of Castanheira (Serra da Freita) and the Trilobites Canelas giants.

Península de Tróia

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7570, Tróia


It is its privileged localization, south from Setúbal and between the Sado estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, that makes the Tróia Peninsula a natural paradise. In Tróia you will find countless beaches of white sand and a natural reserve with beautiful sights of the Arrábida Mountain. It is also possible to watch the colony of roazes-corvineiros (a dolphin species) that inhabit the estuary waters.

Nascente do Agroal

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Rua das Termas
2435, Formigais


Small bathing area on the banks of the river Nabão, an artificial structure that some attribute, wrongly, as being the source of the river Nabão. In that area, from a wealth of mineralized water cold, thermal and curative of diseases of the skin.

Reserva Natural Local do Estuário do Douro

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Rua do Cabedelo
4400, Canidelo

Vila Nova de Gaia

A local natural reservation that includes the area and the Cabedelo beach and ends by the road and the bicycle tracks. It is the first local natural reservation in th country.

Gruta das Agulhas

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EM 509
9700, Angra do Heroísmo

Angra do Heroísmo

This unique lava tube is one of the main attractions of Porto Judeu, for its curious features and location.

Serra de Sintra

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Serra de Sintra
2710, São Pedro de Penaferrim


Located to the west of Lisbon, it belongs to the sedimentary line of the Estremadura. It is 10 kilometres long, five kilometres wide, has a perimeter of 30 kilometres and reaches its peak at na altitude of 540 metres, in Cruz Alta. It belongs to the Sintra/Cascais Natural Park and comprises two different sorts of landscapes: one is the wide agricultural area to the north of Colares that includes the plain of Sâo João das Lampas, the other is the shoreline between the mouth of the Falcão river and the Citadel of Cascais, ending in the Cape of Roca. Its …

Grutas da Moeda

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Largo das Grutas da Moeda
2495-028, São Mamede


These caves were discovered in 1971 and have a configuration of the gallery/room/well type. There are lovely rooms and galleries filled with calcareous formations, while the area that may be visited is of 350 metres and the depth of 45 metres. There is a subterranean bar in an adjacent cave, that of Cova da Moura, with an illuminated grotto that is about 50 metres long.

Grutas de Alvados

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Grutas de Alvados
2480, Alvados

Porto de Mós

Discovered in 1964, they are located on the Minde hill, in an area where these formations abound. They are configured like a gallery/room/well. A special note to the stalactites, stalagmites and illumnitaed lakes in the interconnected rooms.

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