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Ciclovia de Almeirim

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2080, Almeirim


The bike lane of Almeirim is a via for touring cyclists and all those who are interested in the site. A good way to get to know the region more healthy!

Canhão da Nazaré

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2450-065, Nazaré


The submarine Valley known as Cannon or Cana da Nazaré is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Cutting the continental shelf with a direction of EW, sensibly, extends for more than 170 km in length and reaches a depth of more than 5000 meters in the abyssal plain where this Cannon empties. This spectacular geomorphological, tectonic origin accident related to the failure of Nazareth-Pombal, begins to set around 500 yards from the shore. This underwater Canyon causes large changes in the coastal sedimentary transit level, since this is an authentic Valley sinkhole for sediments …

Serra de Santa Justa

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Serra de Santa Justa
4440, Valongo


The Hill of Santa Justa belongs to the Valongo outlier and reaches its highest top at the altitude of 374 metres. Below it, by the banks of the Ferreira river, one can find the village of Couce. There are vestiges of ancient gold mines of the roman epoch.

Ecocaminho da Maia

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Via Periférica da Maia
4470, Maia


Um troço da antiga e abandonada linha ferroviária de Guimarães deu lugar a um percurso de cerca de 3,3 km com ótimas condições para corridas e caminhadas, para passeios de bicicleta e prática de outras atividades desportivas. A ecopista, que vai desde a Quinta dos Cónegos, no centro da cidade, ao antigo apeadeiro de Mandim, oferece paisagens distintas, com destaque para a área arborizada, hortas, campos agrícolas ou a antiga estação ferroviária da Maia. Além do passadiço, o Ecocaminho disponibiliza um parque infantil, uma zona de desporto e um ponto de água potável.

Geopark Naturtejo

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Avenida Nuno Álvares, 30
6060-339, Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

An immensity of time revealed in space ... 600 million years preserved in rocks and landscapes that span more than 4600 km2. Fantastic places, where the overwhelming Nature is celebrated at a meeting of cultures perpetuated by thousands of years. A region where mother earth has been particularly generous.

Mata do Desterro

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Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Desterro
6270-277, Seia


Forest area with about 136 acres, located in the southwest of the Serra da Estrela mountain range, at an altitude between 790 and 1061 meters. Its flora is diverse, predominantly pines-brave, chestnut and birch trees.

Fajã dos Padres

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Estrada Padre António Dinis Henriques, 1
9300-261, Quinta Grande

Câmara de Lobos

Paradisiacal spot, placed on a bay, at the basis of the famous precipice Cabo do Girão. Until 1998 the access was only made by boat, but now there’s a modern glass lift. There’s a small seaside resort which includes a restaurant, great conditions to go to the beach and fishing and some tourism houses.

Castanheiro Secular do Souto

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6320, Sabugal


Chestnut large secular.

Teleférico das Fajãs do Cabo Girão

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Estrada de Santa Clara
9300, Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos

Rope-way teleferic opened in 2003, allowing the access to the fajãs (flat forelands that formed by lava flowing into the ocean and landslides and collapsing cliffs) at the Cabo Girão. It offers a lovely panoramic view.

Teleférico do Funchal - Madeira Cable Car

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Jardim Almirante Reis - Rua Dom Carlos I
9050-284, Funchal


Cable car that connects Funchal lower part to Monte, a very appreciated ride by tourists. It is possible to enjoy incredible panoramic views and visit various gardens and points of interest on Monte, as well as enjoy the beauty of Babosas and the Ribeira de João Gomes valley.

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