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Grutas de Ibne-Ammar

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Grutas de Ibne-Ammar
8400, Mexilhoeira da Carregação


This set of two caves is located on the left bank of the Arade river estuary. The biggest of them is 100 metres long and the smallest only a few tens of metres. It is a place where archaeological vestiges of the copper and bronze ages have been found. The largest cave is visited by many tourists. It has large, tall rooms, up to six metres, and a shallow lake.

Reserva Florestal Natural Parcial do Vulcão dos Capelinhos

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9900-304, Horta


This space is of great geological significance, in addition to the interest for being breeding grounds for some colonies of seabirds.

Reserva Natural da Baía dos Anjos

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9580-470, Vila do Porto

Vila do Porto

In this pleasant green area we find a small fishing port and a natural pool. Classified as a Natural Reserve, is surrounded by volcanic rocks, protecting holidaymakers from the wind. This is where lies the chapel of our Lady of the angels, the famous place where Christopher Columbus stopped to pray during the return voyage of the discovery of America in 1493.

Trilho Pedestre Santo Espírito - Maia (PR4)

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ER 1-2
9580, Vila do Porto

Vila do Porto

This route starts next to the Church of the Holy Spirit, in the parish of Holy Spirit, follow until you reach the Waterfall on the River of Aveiro. After passing through the tip of the Castle towards the locality of Maia, until you reach the Lighthouse of Gonçalo Velho. There you will find a way of standing desk that descends to the sea, along which you can observe several species of local flora, as well as a magnificent view of the coast of Malbusca. Getting there below you will find the ruins of an old factory of the whale, and …

Trilho Pedestre da Lagoa do Capitão (PR13)

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Estrada Longitudinal (ER 3-2)
9940, São Roque Do Pico

São Roque do Pico

This route starts next to the captain's Pond, located in the central highlands in the interior of the island of Pico. The first part of the trail is performed on a dirt path until you reach the Head of the little prick. Here you get wonderful views of the North coast of the island of Pico, the final destination of the journey – from the Peak.

Percurso Pedestre de Refoios

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Largo da Igreja
5300-912, Bragança


Circular footpath that passes near the Serra da Nogueira, allowing you to meet the mother church, the churches of Martim and Refoios, the chapels of St. Euphemia and Santa Luzia and some watermills.

Percurso Pedestre da Pedra Alçada (PR2)

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Santiago Maior
7200, Santiago Maior


The path of the Stone Wing provides a visit to one of the largest megalithic monuments of Alandroal.

Percurso Pedestre Caminhos do Vale do Urtigosa (PR2)

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4540, Cavada


A small pedestrian walk that starts and ends at the Rossas Mother Church. It follows rural, traditional and mountain trails, for about 11 km, in about 4 hours.

Trilho Pedestre Fajã dos Vimes - Lourais - Fajã de São João (PR3)

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Fajã dos Vimes
9850-213, Calheta

Calheta de São Jorge

The trail begins at the portinho da Fajã dos Vimes and follows along the coast toward the Fajã dos Bodes and then towards the Lourais, passing through a thicket of incense and beech. The route continues toward the Fajã de São João, a very characteristic village, where small houses, narrow streets and traditional sidewalk create a unique ambience and very enjoyable. In this fajã there is also a small fishing port.

Trilho dos Moinhos

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Colónia Agrícola de Chã de Lamas
4940, Vascões

Paredes de Coura

An 8 km long pedestrian trail that lasts a little more than three hours, with a low difficulty level. As indicated by the name, one gets to visit the mills at the village of Várzea, in Parada. In the old days, Paredes de Coura was known as the "Barn of the Minho".

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