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Heritage in Portugal

Edifício da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra

  • heritage

Largo da Porta Férrea
3000-447, Coimbra


Building resulting from the reform of the New State to the University City of Coimbra. Consists of a quadrangular plant with seven floors, organized around a central space.

Edifício da Biblioteca Municipal João Brandão

  • heritage

Rua Doutor Fortunato Viera das Neves
3420-325, Tábua


This granite House functioned formerly as court, jail, Town Hall and Guild of farming. He is currently the Municipal Library building. Highlighting the national shield eighteenth-century Ornaments.

Edifício do Teatro Académico Gil Vicente

  • heritage

Praça da República
3000-343, Coimbra


Set of two buildings, one of them the theatre itself, with plant in range and three floors, and the choir room, of rectangular plant and three floors. It was built between 1959 and 1961, working only with one-off shows. In 1966, was installed a film projection machine, giving priority ever since the film industry. It consists of a room with a capacity between 500 to 1000 places distributed by audience and a balcony, and a large stage.

Edifício da Escola Secundária Infanta Dona Maria

  • heritage

Rua Infanta Dona Maria
3000, Coimbra


Edifício da Universidade de Coimbra

  • heritage

Praça da Porta Férrea
3004-531, Coimbra


From the set stand out: the Porta Férrea, the Via Latina, the building of the former S. Pedro College, The Joanina Library, The S. Miguel Chapel, The Sala dos Capelos, the Sala de Exame Privado, the tower, the Gerais, and the Religious Art Museum.

Biblioteca Municipal - Centro Cultural Grandella

  • heritage

Rua Doutor Francisco Maria Almeida Grandella, 13
2050-115, Aveiras de Cima


Space where various cultural and recreational events.

Museu CR7

  • heritage

Avenida Sá Carneiro - Praça do Mar, 27
9004-518, Funchal


Considered by many the best Portuguese player of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, born in Madeira, is already eternalized where he was born. The CR7 Museum celebrates the star, highlighting the achievements he achieved and recalling some of his most emblematic moments. In addition to the trophies and football jerseys, there is also a fan correspondence, an interactive journey through CR7 career and an application that allows you to take pictures as if you were standing next to the player.

PO.RO.S - Museu Portugal Romano em Sicó

  • heritage

Avenida dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Condeixa-a-Nova, 41 (Quinta de S. Tomé)
3150-160, Condeixa-a-Nova


The PO.RO.S -Roman Museum of at Sicó presents the theme of Romanization, paying particular attention to its influence in the region of Sicó, through an interactive experience that focuses on the museum collection of Condeixa county and quality content produced by the best specialists in presence in Portugal. In addition, a contemporary museography supported by state-of-the-art technological systems transports us for a journey back in time to the Romans.

Museu Municipal Leonel Trindade

  • heritage

Praça 25 de Abril - Convento de Nossa Senhora da Graça
2560-286, Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras

Founded in 1929 by Rafael Salinas Calado, this museum first functioned at the Church of Saint Peter. Later on, it moved to the building of the siege of the Brotherhood of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia. It is currently located at the old Convent of Graça, of the Order of the Agostinhos Calçados. The main exhibition features archaeology and ethnography with several works of the area. A special note to the Medieval Room with paintings and tombs and the Room of the Linhas de Torres with documents, clothes and models.

Museu do Sabão

  • heritage

Rua da Escola Nova, 4
6040-024, Gavião


The SOAP Museum was opened in April 2013, Belver, Gavião municipality cno. Installed in the former primary school of Belver, this Museum offers an advanced technological system, interactive, which allows visitors to have a deeper knowledge about the history and the art of SOAP and saboeiros. Portugal went on to be one of the four countries in the world that have a SOAP Museum.

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