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Heritage in Portugal

Pelourinho de Castelo Mendo

  • heritage

Castelo Mendo
6355, Vilar Formoso


This is a granite pillory with an octagonal shaft, topped by a closed orb.

Museu Raúl da Bernarda

  • heritage

Rua Frei Fortunato
2461-601, Alcobaça


Open to the public since 2000, this museum shows the history of the oldest tapestries factory in Alcobaça. It exhibits several different artistic styles, totalling more than one hundred pieces from 1900 to 1970. By the museum there is a shop where one may acquire some current products of this factory.

Antiga Judiaria da Guarda

  • heritage

Rua do Amparo, 3
6300-035, Guarda


Junto à Porta d'El-Rei existiria, em tempos, o Bairro Judeu. A comunidade judaica tem a sua presença documentada desde o início do século XIII, mas vários indícios apontam para a existência do Bairro antes dessa data. Desta forma, é considerada uma das comunidades judaicas mais antigas do país.

Castelo de Bragança

  • heritage

Rua Dom João V, 62 - Cidadela
5300-046, Bragança


One of the most imposing fortresses of the 13th century, with an oval plan, cylindric towers in the angles and a square donjon in the centre. The donjon, gothic, is about 33 metres tall and in it the battlements and the ogival windows stand out. On the north side of the walls there is the "Princesse's Tower", thus named because, according to an ancient legend, there lived as a prisoner a young moorish girl loved by a Christian.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Dores

  • heritage

Largo das Dores
4490-421, Póvoa de Varzim

Póvoa de Varzim

This church is dated from the 18th century and it possesses a pentagonal plan and a portico topped by a big window that is inserted in the baroque period. On the inside it displays images from Maria six pains and a seventh figure is placed close to the altar.

Capela de São Mateus

  • heritage

Rua de Santo António
2440, Alcanadas


Chapel of nave and chancel built in 1517 and enlarged between 1887 and 1948. In 1990 it was built inside the courtyard of the chapel the Church of Nossa Senhora do Ó.

Sé Catedral de Bragança

  • heritage

Avenida Engenheiro Adelino Amaro da Costa, 9
5300-146, Bragança


The Cathedral of Braganza was designed by architect pink and Vassal inaugurated in 2001, being the first Cathedral built in the 21st century. This is an area of 10 thousand square meters, with distribution of seats in theatre style and pentagonal drawing of the surroundings, what distinguishes the contemporary architecture of the monument. Consecrated to our Lady Queen, all of it reflects the region where it operates, since building materials, vegetation of the gardens and even the orientation of doors. Inside, the shrine has the geographical shape of the district and traces of expression of Christ designed ceramic Panel of …

Mosteiro de São João D'Arga

  • heritage

Arga de Baixo
4910-035, Arga de Baixo


Situated in the Serra De Arga, presents this monastery dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Currently the only Chapel opens to hikers on feast days.

Avenida da Boavista

  • heritage

Avenida da Boavista
4050, Porto


Com cerca de 5,5 quilómetros de extensão, esta avenida começa na Rua da Boavista e termina na Praça Gonçalves Zarco, zona também conhecida como Castelo do Queijo, já junto ao mar. Ao longo do percurso são inúmeros os pontos de interesse, desde a Casa da Música, o Parque da Cidade e Serralves, até diversos restaurantes e cafés típicos.

Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte

  • heritage

Monte do Bom Jesus
4715-056, Bom Jesus


This church was constructed under the orders of archbishop Dom Gaspar of Bragança in 1784 and it was ready in 1811. It is one of the first neoclassic buildings in Portugal and it was drawn by the architect Carlos Amarante.

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