Located on the right bank of the Tagus river, the municipality of Loures is integrated in Lisbon's Metropolitan Area. It borders the municipalities of Vila Franca de Xira, Arruda dos Vinhos, Mafra, Sintra, Odivelas and Lisbon. Different ways of life and landscapes of the territory coexist in an harmonious association between the countryside and the urban environment. The Palaeolithic station of Casal do Monte, where numerous archaeological pieces were found, constitutes, together with the dolmen of Casaínhos, one of the most significant elements of the municipality's occupation. Some toponyms from the Arab occupation period, as for instance Bobadela, which derived from abu Abdullah ("father of the servant of Allah"), Moscavide, that derives from moskbat and means "seedlings" and Sacavém, resulting from saqadi ("close place"), remained. Known for its wine production, Loures annually hosts an ethnographic parade, in which visitors can learn about the various stages of the famous Bucelas white wine, that is perfect to accompany with the snails and the crockery served in the Festival do Caracol Saloio (Typical Snail Festival). The event happens in the second fortnight of July, at which point also the feasts in honour of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios happen.

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