Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo e Capela dos Ossos

The Church of the Venerable Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, one of the most important religious monuments in the Algarve, was inaugurated in 1719. The Capela dos Ossos, inside it, was built in 1816 with bones from a nearby cemetery.


Largo do Carmo


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Monuments near Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo e Capela dos Ossos

Arco da Porta Nova

An archway belomging to the walls of the late-romanic period, dating back to the 16th century.

Busto do Coronel Aboim Ascenção

A bust as a homage to the Colonel Alboim Ascensão.

Igreja de São Sebastião

A small gothic chapel is all that is left of the original medieval building. In the main chapel there is a golden sculptured panel of the 18th century. The wal…

Igreja do Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos

The church of the Capuchos was built at the beggining of the 17th century and has a façade with arcades and a niche, which is charactristic of the Capuchos arc…

Palacete Guerreirinho / Palácio da Família Guerreirinho

A revivalist palace with an iregular plan, where one should notice the façades, totally coated with stonework, the main portal which gives access to the atrium…

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