Um passeio nas origens de Faro

In one of the highest parts of the Francisco Gomes Square, where there's a garden with a view to a small marina, one can find the Arco da Vila (Village Archway), which is the entrance to the old Faro inside the medieval walls. Above the walls, one can see the small chapel of Our Lady of the Ó. Following the Município Street one reaches a nicely proportioned square where the see is to be found. It's worth to look attentively at the Bishop's Court with its rooftops shaped like scissors. As you stroll along the streets by the walls, you will find archways connecting the buildings and some noble palaces. Still in these surroundings, you'll be able to visit exhibitions of Portuguese art in the municipal galleries Trem and Arco, located in ancient military buildings, now recovered.


Praça Doutor Francisco Gomes


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Praça Dom Francisco Gomes, Faro

Doca de Faro

Pleasant space where you may walk in the garden, rest in a terrace and take a look at the small stands selling different types of craftwork.

Estrada dos Moinhos da Palmeira, Faro

Ciclovia de Faro

This small pathway reserved for cyclists is a different and amusing manner of getting to know the town.

Rua Dom Francisco Gomes, Faro

Compras em Faro

Downtown Faro is a true shopping mall in the open, with an architecture of great beauty. Here you will find famous shops which give animation to the space and …

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