Mosteiro de Pombeiro

Founded in 1059 according to popular tradition, though the earliest documentary reference reassemble the 1099, the monastery of Pombeiro enjoyed privileges and self-righteousness in 1112, as the letter proves Chowdhury granted on that date by d. Teresa. This monastic institution was already documented since 853, which makes it one of the oldest in the territory, although there are no material evidence of the first establishment. Located at the intersection of two of the main routes from medieval times, a connecting Port the Trás-os-Montes and a second linking the border to the Alto Minho, the monastery acquired importance and served as a refuge to the Court and to the pilgrims on a journey. With the gifts of Sousões family and of the faithful, Pombeiro came to detain 37 churches and an enviable annual income, and whose power extended to Vila Real. Already in the modern age, the monastery suffered deep modifications, especially during the Baroque period, of which we highlight one of the wings of the cloister, the new chancel, the high choir, various works of gilt and two towers that flank the front door. In the early 19th century was the remodeling of the cloisters in the neoclassical intervention, however interrupted by the extinction of the religious orders in 1834. It was classified as a national monument on June 23, 1910.


Lugar do Mosteiro
4610-640,Pombeiro de Ribavizela


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Monuments near Mosteiro de Pombeiro

Via Romana de Pombeiro de Ribavizela

A well preserved roman road. Its dimensions are still uncertain since it is still being excavated.

Aqueduto de Pombeiro de Ribavizela

An aqueduct of uncertain size, since it is undergoing works and is partly buried.

Capela de São Bartolomeu

A small chapel located on a hill, with views of the Pombeiro Monastery. It has a rosette and is surrounded by gardens.

Cruzeiro de Pombeiro de Ribavaziela

A gracious column that is a tribute to independence, as on can read on the base. It is located in the area that leads to the graveyard, above a platform with f…

Igreja do Mosteiro de Pombeiro de Ribavizela

The Romanesque church of the monastery of Pombeiro was one of the few in Portugal to obey the plan of three naves, which reveals the importance of this House i…

Solar de Valemelhorado

Located near the Pombeiro Monastery, the manor has an admirable stairway facing the main façade. Inside, there is a chapel. It was the most important manor for…

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