Muralhas do Castelo e Palácio de Cristóvão de Moura

Dom Dinis ordered these walls and the castle construction, composed by creneled walls, turrets, an enormous keep, ditches and barbican. In 1580 during the Filipe’s occupation, the castled underwent several damages. The castle still preserves thirteen turrets and three doors; one of them is Traição (Betrayal) door. One should point out the square turret, the Palace Cristóvão de Moura ruins and the urban agglomerate inside the fence.


Largo do Pelourinho, 1
6440-031,Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo


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Monuments near Muralhas do Castelo e Palácio de Cristóvão de Moura

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Casas Quinhentistas na Rua da Cadeia

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Cristo Rei de Castelo Rodrigo

Statue located in Serra da Marofa, 977 m altitude.

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