Fajã Grande

Fajã Grande is one of the most touristic places on the island, as well as one of the most populated areas. It is bordered by the astonishing cliff of Rocha da Fajã, a cliff that measures up to 600 meters in height.


Fajã Grande
9960-030,Lajes das Flores


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Outdoor activities near Fajã Grande

Fajã do Lopo Vaz

This fajã was, according to historians, the first inhabited the island, the place where the caravels of the Infante Dom Henrique landed for the first time. Its…


Located about 15 kilometers from the village of Lajes da Flores, Fajãzinha is a peaceful place, perfect for a relaxing walk. Its geography is made up of large …

Trilho Pedestre da Poça do Bacalhau (PR3)

This trail starts at Miradouro das Lagoas, passes through Caldeira Seca and Caldeira Branca, providing beautiful views over Fajã Grande. It crosses two reserve…

Trilho Pedestre de Lajedo - Fajã Grande (PR2)

Route where the West coast of Flores Island and adjacent islets. Passes through the parishes of the monastery, Fajãzinha and Ribeira Grande, until you reach th…

Trilho Pedestre Ponta Delgada - Fajã Grande (PR1)

This trail starts on the concrete agricultural road between Ponta Delgada and Farol da Ponta de Albarnaz, ending in Fajã Grande. You will pass along paths line…

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