Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação is a place of pilgrimage where many people goes in search of miracles. The first took place with Susana Dias who, supported by crutches, entered the chapel and laid down on the floor. At the moment of the elevation she wanted to kneel down, but in the end she got up, threw away her crutches and walked around the hermitage loudly proclaiming the miracle. It produced such a strong popular commotion that everyone helped in the construction of this Sanctuary of Senhora da Encarnação.


Rua de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação


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Monuments near Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

Edifício do Antigo Mercado de Leiria/ Mercado de Sant'Ana

Edifício projectado por Ernesto Korrodi, construído em 1929. Depois de sofrer obras de recuperação, funciona como centro cultural.

Edifício da Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque

Yellow building, with a V structure and the central zone more elevated, standing out.

Edifício da Rua Tenente Valadim

Building whose doors and windows have stone bevellings with floral motifs.

Edifício da Rua Trindade Coelho

Yellow building with an attic, glazed tiles edges.

Edifício do Banco Santander

Building with two chimneys characteristic of the south of Portugal. It has doors with edges and stone windows.

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