Passeio nas Margens do Rio Lis

The River Lis embraces the city that develops up to the hill where the splendid Castle of Leiria is located, precisely at 113 meters of altitude. The river bank is a popular place to rest and walk on sunny days. From Jardim Luís de Camões, where the Tourist Office is located, and following the course of the River Lis, which determined the expansion of the city, is Avenida Heróis de Angola, which takes you to a modern commercial area. After passing by Cine Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, the most important concert hall in the city, you will see the old São Francisco Church, with medieval paintings, one of the most valuable artistic expressions in Leiria, highlighted from the houses. On the other side, after Jardim Luis de Camões, you will find the Igreja do Espírito Santo. Following Rua João de Deus and Rua Tenente Valadim, you will see the Convento de Santo Agostinho, with a pleasant garden and, a little further on, the site of an old paper mill that continues to work with perseverance, now making flour. Opposite, Monte de São Gabriel, where the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação was built, is an excellent viewpoint over the city.




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