Quintas das Conchas e dos Liláses

Space resulting from the recovery of two 16th century farms with a total area of about 25 hectares, being the third largest green space in the capital. Here you can walk through paths where you'll see canals of water, a Lake, playgrounds, a small stage, exhibition area, a bar and a restaurant.


Azinhaga de Entremuros


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Gardens near Quintas das Conchas e dos Liláses

Passeio dos Navegadores, Lisboa

Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, Lisboa

Campo das Amoreiras, Lisboa

Campo do Amor

Modern garden and care, where one can find a MultiSport grounds, a playground, a fountain and a small Amphitheater.

Rua Adriana de Vecchi, Lisboa

Parque Infantil da Rua Adriana de Vecchi

Sealed with synthetic floor space and some equipment of children's entertainment.

Rua Ventura Abrantes, Lisboa

Parque Infantil da Rua Ventura Abrantes

Fenced area with some amusement equipment.

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