Basílica da Estrela

An imposing monument, inaugurated in 1789, whose facade has two twin bell towers and statues of saints and allegorical figures, including four statues that symbolize many other virtues: Faith, Devotion, Gratitude and Freedom. The building, with a single nave in the form of a Latin cross and with six chapels, is part of the Convent of the Santíssimo Coração de Jesus. The interior is spacious and majestic, with walls clad in gray, pink and yellow marble. You can visit a room where you can find an extraordinary set with more than 500 baked clay figures. It was the first church in the world to dedicate itself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In front of the Basilica is Jardim da Estrela, with typical Portuguese pavement and lots of vegetation.


Largo da Estrela


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