Ruínas da Igreja do Carmo

The gothic ruins of this church, built upon a hill, remind the earthquake of 1755. At the only intact space works an archaeological museum that presents a small and heterogeneous collection of sarcophagus, statues, ceramic and mosaic. Outside is the Carmo Fountain decorated with four beautiful dolphins.


Largo do Carmo


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Monuments near Ruínas da Igreja do Carmo

Capela de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

The construction of this chapel was ordered by Dom Nuno Alvarez Pereira, located on a first floor.

Casa do Ferreira das Tabuletas

Built in 1865, this building has four floors and an attic. The façade is, with exception of the ground floor, totally covered with figurative glazed tiles, con…

Chafariz do Largo do Carmo

One of the notable fountains of the city that is right next to the ruins of the convent with the same name, destroyed at he earthquake of 1755. It is at the ce…

Edifício do Teatro da Trindade

The Teatro da Trindade is the most well-preserved specimen of the Italian theater in the country, with a structure practically Virgin of cement and iron, allow…

Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento

The first church, under the invocation of the Blessed Sacrament, located near the Carmo Convent, was finished in 1685. In 1755, the earthquake destroyed this f…

Igreja Italiana de Nossa Senhora do Loreto

Church founded in the XVI century that was completely destroyed on a fire in 1651. It was rebuilt with the new drawing of the architect Marcos de Magalhães in …

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