Escultura de Zulmiro de Carvalho

Sculpture by Zulmiro de Carvalho, with about fifteen feet long, its immense fountains that night light, providing a nice visual spectacle.


Rua de Veloso Salgado
4450,Leça da Palmeira


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Monuments near Escultura de Zulmiro de Carvalho

Busto de António Nobre

A tribute monument to António Nobre, the famous Portuguese poet.

Capela de Santana

A baroque chapel built in the 18th century that underwent large works in the 20th century. The façade is covered by pattern tiles.

Capela de Santo António do Telheiro

A neoclassicist chapel, dating back to the 18th century, with a longitudinal plan and the interior decorated with neoclassicist retables. In 1956 the main faça…

Estátua a Passos Manuel

A marble statue of August 24, 1864, that pays homage to Manuel da Silva Passos (or Passos Manuel), an important figure of the Portuguese liberal epoch. It is c…

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