The toponym Matosinhos is mentioned in the 11th century in reference to the village of Matesinus, which belonged to the monastery of Bouças. The history of the county has, in fact, always been linked to the history of this Monastery. It is believed that this building was constructed before the year of 944. In 1853 the town of Matosinhos was created and, after a short-lived rise as a county in 1867, which only lasted 20 days, the county was definitely created in 1909. Its elevation to city occurred on June 28th 1984. Located close to river Douro, Matosinhos is one of the largest cities in Porto's district, possessing one of the largest ports for entry of goods: the port of Leixões. This, together with the TIR terminal of Freixieiro and Exponor (Exhibition Park and Congress Center) are essential structures for the development and economy of the county. Contemporary architecture is a big bet in the city, most notably the works of Álvaro Siza Vieira, born in Matosinhos, as the Piscina das Marés and Casa de Chá da Boa Nova. But this is not all. Also names like Souto Moura, Fernando Távora and Alcino Soutinho have amazing works here. Its gastronomy benefits from the proximity of the sea, being the county known as the "dining room" of Porto district. In fact, the restaurants proliferate in Matosinhos, especially on the waterfront, where the bet in the fish and seafood is notorious.

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