Solar dos Condes de Vinhais

This manor house is placed on the XVIII century and it has a longitudinal plan. It is composed by three distinct bodies’ split by the main body. On the building centres, on the top of the central body there is the Coat of Arms from Counts de Vinhais. The stonework has to be mentioned.


Praça 5 de Outubro


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Monuments near Solar dos Condes de Vinhais

Capela de Nossa Senhora do Amparo

Neo-Baroque Marian Sanctuary along the Tua River, having the cult involving an existing niche over the bridge of Mirandela.

Castelo de Mirandela

This castle, left only a few traces. The castle is visible the door de Santo António, formed by two thick walls, on which rests a bow with broken clipping the …

Estátua de João Paulo II

Statue of John Paul II, Pope from 1978 to 2005.

Estátua de São Francisco de Assis

Statue placed in the day May 29, 1983, intending to honor St. Francis of Assisi.

Estátua de São João Bosco

Statue of homage to the priest John Bosco, who had an apostolate among the poorest and most abandoned young people. On the centenary of his death, John Paul II…

Estátua Menina e Pomba

Statue in which a girl – symbol of purity, innocence and beauty hold a dove-peace sign-attributes that associate the city and municipality of Mirandela.

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