Framed by the Bornes and Passos mountains, Mirandela spreads over a wide and fertile plain, approximately 225 meters above sea level. The proximity of the Tuela and Rabagão rivers, along with its privileged geography, justify the fact that the majority of the active population works in agriculture. Inhabited since Prehistory, the area features several traces of occupation, as the megalithic monuments of Anta de Caravelos and Menhir da Bouça, the S. Juzenda and S. Brás camps and the shelter called “Buraco da Pala”. Later the Romans also left their mark, being still visible remains of the Castelo Velho and Castelo de Mourel, the Romanesque bridge, among others. The city is currently a very peaceful and nice place, in which it is recommended to stroll along the banks of the Tua river, passing through the bulkhead and the Romanesque bridge with its twenty different arcs. To finish the day in beauty, visit one of its restaurants and taste the renowned alheiras (sausage, made with meats other than pork and bread) or posta à Mirandesa (grilled Mirandesa veal meat).

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