Parque Natural do Alvão

Bounded to the north by Minhéu and to the south by Padrão de Teixeira, covering a length of 50 km, this park covers the municipalities of Mondim de Basto and Vila Real and the Serras do Alvão and Marão. These are separated by Alto do Velão, 914 meters above sea level. In fact, the Park never drops below 900 meters in altitude, constituting, along with the Serra do Gerês, a scenic barrier between the coast and the interior. On the eastern edge of the Park, at 1339 meters above sea level, stands Alto de Caravelas, the highest point of the mountain massif and which abruptly falls into the Cabril and Corgo valleys. The Park is located in a region of great scenic interest (granite chaos of Muas-Arnal, Fisgas de Ermelo).


Lugar do Barrio - Sítio do Retiro
4880-164,Mondim de Basto


  • Easy external parking
  • Protected areas
  • Guided tours

Natural Resources near Parque Natural do Alvão

Fisgas do Ermelo

In a landscape of enormous cliffs, you will find the "Garganta do Rio Olo", a 100 meter high waterfall, integrated into the Alvão Natural Park. Access is via t…

Monte de Nossa Senhora da Graça

Monte da Senhora da Graça is distinguished from other elevations of the Alvão/Marão mountain set by its steepness (known for the famous finishes of the Volta a…

Queda de Água de Bilhó

On the road that connects Bilhó to Cavernelhe, roughly halfway along the route, you will find this beautiful waterfall in a verdant environment, where the wate…

Foz do Rio Cabril

The Cabril River originates in Serra do Alvão, passing through Adoufe and flowing into the Tâmega River. The best place for swimming is located next to the Med…

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