Igreja Velha de Salto

Those who enter in jump and follows to the central zone of the town, is not indifferent to the imposing church image located at the top of the Rua Padre Manuel José Jorge, granitic in parallel. This is the ancient parish church, maybe the main icon of this village. It is a building of moth romantic, which was suffering some structural renovations over time. In the North and South walls of the nave you can see sections of perfection with which stones were superposed in the construction of the building. Shifted to the back of the Church, lined up in the churchyard surrounds landscaped and well taken care of, there are four chests for coffin covered with lids, all of them representing decoration and inscriptions. These are important vestiges of the necropolis of medieval times, witnesses of the ancient practice of burying the parishioners in the surrounding churchyard of Church. Inside, the statues of our Lady of Sorrow (Patron Saint) and the Beato Nuno, the Constable, which in these lands will have trained their army during the battles with Kingdom of Castile.




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