Praia Fluvial de Mora

A river beach located in Ribeira da Raia, next to Mora, where onee finds the Mora Fishing Route, since there are so many species of fish. A large space with lush vegetation.


Praia Fluvial de Mora


  • Easy external parking
  • Riverside beaches
  • car access

Beach near Praia Fluvial de Mora

Praia Fluvial da Ponte do Paço

A 30 metres long river beach, made of earth and sand, surrounded by much vegetation.

Praia Fluvial de Cabeção

A very lovely river beach, with dirt roads and a few lawns. Ideal for recreational fishing.

Praia Fluvial do Gameiro

Localiza-se no Parque Ecológico do Gameiro, perto do Fluviário de Mora. Foi originado pelo Açude do Gameiro, no Rio Raia, e dispõe de parque de campismo, parqu…

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