Castelo de Moura

Situated on an elevation of limestone, this castle has a watchtower dating from the time of Dinis, which stands out for its volume. It was already after the reconquest from the Moors that Dinis had completely remodel the Castle, which had housed the Moors for 400 years. Later, Dom João I sent to expand the fortress, but the war of succession and the earthquake of 1755 contributed to its state of disrepair. On the Southeast side there is a portal of entry, elbow-shaped and a vaulted tunnel. Next to the castle there are ruins of the convent of the Dominican Nuns (Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assunção) and Church attaches.


Calçada do Castelo


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Monuments near Castelo de Moura

Pátio dos Rolins

This is a set of typical 16th century dwellings.

Atalaia da Cabeça Magra

Also known just for Atalaia thin, this is a round Watchtower semiarruinada, associated with the defense system centered on the Moorish Castle and in visual con…

Convento do Carmo

The convento do Carmo was the first of the Carmelite Order to be founded in Portugal, in 1251, by the Knights of the order of Malta. However, the original work…

Ermida de São Sebastião

Sanctuary of small dimension, which features centralized plant and domed cover, which shows different architectural elements of Mannerism.

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