Serra da Adiça

Located to the south of the town of Moura, between the Guadiana river and the border of Vila Verde de Ficalho, on the Baixo Alentejo region. It is also known as "Ficalho Hill" and belongs to the Old Massif. It is 18 km long. It stands out for its reddish bumps, covered by olive trees.


Serra da Adiça
7875,Sobral da Adiça


  • Mountains
  • car access

Natural Resources near Serra da Adiça

Albufeira de Pedrógão

A reservoir created by the Pedrógão Dam, the second largest dam on the Alqueva river.

Albufeira do Alqueva

Largest artificial lake in Europe, from the Alqueva dam, situated on the river Guadiana. The albufeira reaches the maximum quota, the 250 km2, betting on infra…

Barragem do Alqueva

The Alqueva Dam took several years to become a reality. It is the larges Portuguese dam and aims to produce electricty and water the arid Alentejo lands.

Ribeira de Alcarreche

A tributary that comes from Spain and meets the Guadiana river, a little before the Alqueva dam.

Rio Ardila

Born in Spain, on the Tentudia Hill, it is 60 km long before it enters the Guadiana river.

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