Miradouro do Monte de São Brás

The Hill of São Brás, also named São Bartolomeu Hill, is one of the highest spots in the parish of Nazaré, 156 metres tall. It has views of the wide pine woods of Leiria, as well as of a part of Nazaré.




  • Easy external parking
  • Viewpoints
  • Tables & benches, Wild animals

Gardens near Miradouro do Monte de São Brás

Jardim da Pedralva

The main garden in Nazaré, located on the eastern part of town. Its name comes from the fact that it is near the Monte Branco (White Hill), with its special ro…

Miradouro da Pederneira

A belvedere at Pederneira, a historic place in the region. A fishermen's place since the 12th century, siege of the parish, Pedereneira was, after Alcobaça, th…

Miradouro da Rua do Horizonte

A belvedere located on the Sítio, in the place named Promontório, a rocky formation that rises abruptly from the Nazaré beach to a height of 110 metres. It has…

Miradouro do Forte São Miguel Arcanjo

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Miradouro do Monte Branco

A belvedere with views of the old Nazaré, located at the Penalva garden. Its name comes from its rocky white formations. The access is by a dirt road with medi…

Miradouro do Suberco

The most well known belvedere in Nazaré, located in the Sítio, in the place named Promontório. This rocky formation ascends abruptly from the Nazaré beach and …

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