Túmulo de São Roque

A stone tomb, located by the chapel that has the same name.


Avenida de São Roque


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Monuments near Túmulo de São Roque

Basílica da Nossa Senhora da Piedade

Located in the Zeferino de Oliveira Park (author of the monument), this basilica, dated of the end of the 20th century, is the town's ex-libris. A special note…

Caminho Romano de Guilhufe

A roman road composed of large stones that is not currently visible.

Capela e Túmulo de São Roque

A small church that dates back to 1924. On the outside of it there is the tomb of Saint Roque, a national monument.

Homenagem a Abílio Miranda

Dating back to 1965, this is a granite column with the bronze face of Abílio Miranda on the stone.

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