Solar de Marrocos

Rural house built in 1733, being later extended to present characteristics of late-Baroque architecture. Is composed of a rectangular plant irregular, with three volumes that form from two patios. In 2003 was acquired by the City Council to install a hospital here. He currently is vacant.


Praça 25 de Abril, 16


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Monuments near Solar de Marrocos

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Graça

Mannerist and late-Baroque church with a simple longitudinal plant consisting of a unique space and with coverage in gable roof. Inside, the main altarpiece of…

Capela de Nossa Senhora das Dores

Late-Baroque and Mannerist Chapel, with longitudinal plant consisting of a nave, a chancel lower and narrow and a vestry located near. In the interior, especia…

Capela de Santo António e Calvário

Baroque chapel of longitudinal plant consisting of a nave, a chancel narrower and lower and a vestry located near, with differentiated covers the two waters. I…

Capela do Espírito Santo

19th century chapel to present characteristics of Rococo architecture. Consists of a longitudinal plan simple and unique space with coverage in gable roof. Fea…

Chafariz no Largo da Igreja

Centralized-type fountain, built in the mid-20th century, consisting of a pyramidal Obelisk, monumental pyramidal trunk-blocks, three circular tanks and two co…

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