Ponta da Ferraria

A space classed as a regional natural monument and a protected landscape. It has privileged views of the sea and of a pseudo-crater that was formed as a result of small vapour explosions due to the contact of the lava with the sea. There is a thermal complex and natural pools.


Ponta da Ferraria


  • Natural elements
  • car access

Natural Resources near Ponta da Ferraria

Lagoa de Santiago

One of the lagoons of the parish of the Sete Cidades (Seven Towns). In the past, one was not able to view the Santiago Lagoom because the close by lands were p…

Gruta do Carvão

This geologic formation of volcanic origin has approximately 1650 meters in length and an average height of two to three meters, and there are places where mor…

Lagoa Azul / Lagoa das Sete Cidades

It is one of the famous lagoons of the Sete Cidades (Seven Towns). Surrounded by an edenic scenery, it is quite inviting for a stroll or a picnic by its peacef…

Lagoa do Canário

A small lagoon surrounded by a forest park and a picnic area. At this place there is also a belvedere with lovely views of the Gruta do Inferno (Hell's Cave), …

Lagoa Rasa

Small pond with a very particular formation, seeming to be located in the crater of a volcano. Is surrounded by a pleasant green space, ample and quiet, ideal …

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