Centro Histórico da Vila de Monsaraz

The citadel features trapezoidal plant and is flanked by four square towers. About medieval was surrounded in the seventeenth century, fortifications, involving the whole village and the suburb of St. Bartholomew, with the shutters of Alcoba, hole and Evora, finishing at the door of the village.


Largo do Castelo
7200-175,Reguengos de Monsaraz


  • Difficult external parking
  • Castles & Fortresses
  • Visitable (with a guide)
  • True

Monuments near Centro Histórico da Vila de Monsaraz

Capela de São José

This religious building was founded in 1708 by Domingos Lourenço Perdigão. It was here that the prisoners out of jail in the area came to fulfill the divine of…

Casa da Inquisição / Centro Interactivo da História Judaica

It is said that this was the House where they were horribly tortured prisoners by the inquisitors, although there is no documentary evidence. Contends that thi…

Casa do Juíz de Fora / Casa da Universidade

Initially was Manor housing. In the 20th century, in 1970, is donated to the Graduate Institute of Évora and served as a place of support for researchers the U…

Cisterna da Vila

This medieval cistern of wealthy proportions dating from the 14th century and is by the door of the hole. Function was to collect and store rainwater and was t…

Ermida de Santa Catarina de Monsaraz

Duocentista temple with architectural and symbolic traces of the order of the temple. This National Monument, situated outside the walls of Monsaraz, may have …

Ermida de São Bento

Rural Chapel of simple strokes, situated on a higher point to provide an attractive sight. Is degraded inside and outside. Consists of a nave, a chancel and a …

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