Castelo de Sortelha

Castle of likely Muslim construction, whose oldest written document that references date from the reign of Dom Sancho I, who ordered to repair works in the Castle. Later, Dom Manuel I received it with restoration work, marked by the insertion of the Manueline weapons on wall of castelejo. There is the Citadel with machicolations and national monument to protect the entrance to the enclosure and, inside, a cistern. In the center of the Citadel lies the keep with a square plan and a single floor. The walled fence, with two doors flanked by torres, surrounds the entire village.


Largo do Pelourinho


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Monuments near Castelo de Sortelha

Antiga Casa da Câmara e Cadeia

House dating from the 16TH century, where he currently works an elementary school.

Antigo Hospital da Misericórdia de Sortelha / Casa de Santa Rita

16th century building, which was transformed into Mercy Hospital in the 17th century. In 1911 was sold to work as a haystack until 1990, when the previous owne…

Capela de Santiago

Chapel probably built in the 16th century, consisting of a longitudinal plan simple and cover with gable roof. The interior space is unique, not meeting the na…

Casa Árabe

No one knows for sure the date of construction of the House, while the oral tradition maintains that is dated at the time Muslim, the inscription on the lintel…

Casa com Janela Manuelina na Rua da Fonte

Manueline House probably built in the 16th century, consisting of two floors, a rectangular plant and concentrated coverage in roof of three waters. In the mid…

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