Igreja da Misericórdia do Sabugal

Romanesque church with longitudinal plant consisting of two juxtaposed rectangles, with a single nave and a chancel lower and narrow. It is believed that it was built in the 13th century or 14TH CENTURY and remodelled in 1673. In the interior, highlighted by a straight lintel and window for an arch.


Rua da Misericórdia


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Monuments near Igreja da Misericórdia do Sabugal

Rua Santo Condestável, Sabugal

Praça da República, Sabugal

Largo de Santa Maria, Sabugal

Castelo do Sabugal e restos da Muralha

This fortification was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and later sent to enlarge by Dom Dinis. During that time some changes were made, Manueline which su…

Largo de São João, Sabugal

Igreja Matriz do Sabugal / Igreja de São João

Baroque church with probable origins in medieval times. Inside, the wooden choir-alto based on granite columns

Largo de São Tiago, Sabugal

Pelourinho do Sabugal

This is a replica of the original pillory, built in the 21st century. Primitive pelourinho, dating from the 16th century, there are only three pieces from the …

Rua Santo Condestável, Sabugal

Torre do Relógio no Sabugal

Bell Tower of square plan, probably built in the 18th century, part of a clock and a Bell. Formerly, it was part of the walls that surrounded the village.

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