Palácio de Reriz

Reriz Palace was built in the 18th century. It is characterized by its closed façades and stonework. The main façade presents four windows with rectangular vain, dominated by broken pediments and protected by railed bay windows. On the inside yard are located the house gardens.


Praça da República
3660-442,São Pedro do Sul


  • Difficult external parking
  • Palaces & Mansions
  • True

Monuments near Palácio de Reriz

Escultura do Palácio da Justiça

This sculpture is composed of a column about 7 feet tall is tapped by several human figures about 3 feet tall.

Busto ao Poeta António Correia d'Oliveira

Bust in honor of the first Centenary of the birth of this poet of São Pedro do Sul.

Convento dos Franciscanos / Convento de São José

Ancient monastery founded in 1725 to serve as hospital and hostel to the friars of the third order mailers das termas. The conventual set consists of the templ…

Escultura à Vitória da Liberdade

This sculpture, located on a roundabout with lawn space, has about 3.5 feet tall and a small fountain circling her. Represents abstract form, though perceptive…

Escultura no Largo da Feira Nova

This sculpture, located in the Centre of a roundabout with lawn space is about 3 meters tall and represents abstractly a tail of a fish.

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