Muralhas de Serpa

This military fortress already existed during the Roman Period, although there are no records concerning its destruction and reconstruction. The present fortress was built under the orders of D. Dinis and was composed by a powerful Castle and by a double towered wall. There still remain some important traces from the wall and one can point out the one which is topped by a large arcade from the aqueduct that is extended until a monumental Moorish waterwheel. During the War of the Spanish Succession the walls underwent several damages. It is worth to mention the Moura and Beja Door and the imposing Manor House of Marquises of Ficalho.




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Monuments near Muralhas de Serpa

Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios / Ermida de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Mannerist chapel with nave and chancel, sacristies and attachments. The main altarpiece is national style and features in the pulpit side of the Gospel.

Castelo de Serpa

The castle of Serpa is part of the historic centre. The fortification is 230 m above sea level and is an integral part of the walled structure of Serpa, built …

Chafariz da Rua Serpa Pinto

Fountain with seawall, which join two tanks rectangular, interconnected by a larger tank that serves to animals drink water.

Ermida de São Pedro

Manueline, mannerist architecture Temple, popular and vernacular. Highlighting the ship's Vault murals of the mannerist period.

Ermida de São Sebastião

Temple which makes high interpretation of Manueline current in force between the 15th and 16th centuries.

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