Pulo do Lobo

A Guadiana reviver area, to the north of Mértola, where th river becomes narrower and that is why the locals used to say that one could cross from one bank to the other "num pulo" (in a jump). It is also said that the wolves used that passage a lot. The rapids caused by that compression of the river banks from 25 to 3 metres, are one of the main features. The natural waterfalls are also frequent and the highest one is 15 metres tall. The access is by a dirt road.


Pulo do Lobo


  • Water resources
  • car access

Natural Resources near Pulo do Lobo

Barragem do Enxoé

Located on the Guadiana river basin. The Enxoé reservoir, on the Enxoé brook, occupies about 785.22 ha and was classed as a protected reservoir of public water…

Ribeira do Enxoé

A water stream the flows to the Guadiana river, between Moura and Serpa, where the Serpa dam was built.

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