Located southwest of Setúbal peninsula, the municipality of Sesimbra is integrated in the Lisbon Metropolitan area. The area covered extends from the lagoa de Albufeira to Serra da Arrábida. Human occupation makes us back a million years, when the first hominids from Africa arrived. Over time, the County was subjected to various hardships, in particular with the Napoleonic conquest, responsible for the destruction of the liturgical heritage, of the various churches and chapels and the civil war of 11834-1836, which contributed to the demise of several coastal military points. In the late 19TH century, early 20th century, with the affirmation of its fishing harbour and the development of the canning industry, Sesimbra was the target of some economic progress. Currently, the economy of the municipality is based essentially on agriculture, livestock, fishing, extractive industries and manufacturing industries, electricity and hospitality. The beaches are undoubtedly those which invite, in the bathing season, the number of tourists visiting the village. However, the architectural and natural heritage of great magnificence contributes to Sesimbra is worth visiting at any time of the year. The Castle, classified as a national monument, the Cabo Espichel with their huge cliffs on a mighty sea and his imposing promontory, make this place one of the most beautiful of the peninsular coast.

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