Forte do Cavalo

Also named Fortress of Saint Teodósio, as a tribute to a prince, it has an irregular poligonal plan. The precinct is separated from the road by a high, irregular wall. One can still see, on one side, a part of the primimitive wall with a portal.Inside, it has a cylinder shaped tower with a balcony.


Estrada do Porto de Abrigo


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Monuments near Forte do Cavalo

Castelo de Sesimbra

The castle still maintains two fundamental elements of the medieval fortresses: the "Cerca da Vila" and the "Alcáçova" that still as the dongeon. On the walls …

Ermida da Memória

An harmonious hermitage, built in a place where, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared in 1410. Inside. Tile panels of the 1700s tell the history of…

Farol do Cabo Espichel

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Forte de Santiago de Sesimbra

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Cabo, Casa dos Círios e Terreiro

The current constructions date back to the 18th century. The church is sided by two volumes with arches and has a grandiose and unique character.

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