Castelo de Sines

A medieval castle that was restored several times along the years. Of the primitive castle still remain the walls with battlements and turrets, the donjon with windows and the palace of the military commander. In the armory one can view interesting armour paintings, war trophies and the royal shield of Dom João V. The walls still have architectural visigothic elements.


Largo Porta do Bocage


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Monuments near Castelo de Sines

Capela da Misericórdia de Sines

An austere temple. It has a longitudinal plan, compoised of a nave and a narrower high altar with the sacristy on the left side.

Capela de Nossa Senhora das Salvas ou das Salas

A 16th century chapel that still has, in the main façade, a manuelin portal and stones with inscriptions. On both sides one can view the counterforts, ending i…

Estátua de Dom Vasco da Gama

A statue that honours Vasco da Gama, the first man that travelled to India by sea. He connected Europe and Asia at the end of the 15th century and has an impor…

Igreja de Porto Covo

A church composed of a nave and a narrower high altar, with the sacristy on the right side.

Igreja Matriz de São Salvador

It was here that on the age of 11 or 12, with three of his brothers, Vasco da Gama received the tonsure and became a member from Santiago Order. On the 18th ce…

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