Busto de Manuel Martins Borges

This bronze bust of small dimensions, located in the square in front of the old hospital, inserts a granite slab supported by a square base.


Largo Manuel Martins Borges


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Monuments near Busto de Manuel Martins Borges

Casa da Família Caeiro da Mata

This House, dating from 1743 and situated in front of the Town Hall is in good condition. The two steps of the facade and the typical rectangular Windows.

Busto de Dona Augusta Albergaria

This bust, in honor of Mrs. Augusta Hostels, is made of granite and is about 2 feet tall.

Capela do Senhor dos Milagres

In this 18th century Church stands out, in the main door, decorating with simulated Corbels and pilasters surmounted by a glass quadrilobado. Also the high jum…

Casa da Família Soares de Albergaria

This House with coat, 18th-century House and near the Chiesa Madre (mother church), was suffering alterations over time, with only the balcony and the original…

Casa dos Milagres

This 19TH-century House is situated near the chapel of Senhor dos Milagres. Belongs to the family's Portela, open for visits. Is in good condition.

Edifício da Biblioteca Municipal João Brandão

This granite House functioned formerly as court, jail, Town Hall and Guild of farming. He is currently the Municipal Library building. Highlighting the nationa…

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