Museu do Traje de Viana do Castelo

Building constructed in the mid-twentieth century there inaugurate, in 1958, a delegation of the Bank Banco de Portugal, which ran until 1992. Later, in 1997, then placed the costume Museum.


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Monuments near Museu do Traje de Viana do Castelo

Edifício da Estação de Viana do Castelo

Building constructed between 1878 and 1882, taking advantage of some materials of the old convent of Friars Crosier. Is composed of a central body and two late…

Cadeia Comarcã de Viana do Castelo / Estabelecimento Prisional Regional de Viana do Castelo

Jail comarcã built in the 20th century, consisting of two floors and two wings, which has some cells, the dormitories, the dining hall, medical office, the par…

Capela das Malheiras

A rococo masterpiece, built on the second half of the 1700s by Dom António de Desterro. It was dedicated to the protector of the children and of the poor.

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