Praia da Barriga

A very isolated beach, surrounded by mountains, attended by naturists. It shares it sand with the Cordoama and Castelejo beach, but has different entrances. It is quite fit for radical sports, namely surfing and paragliding.


Praia da Barriga
8650,Vila Do Bispo


  • Easy external parking
  • Seaside beaches
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Beach near Praia da Barriga

Praia do Burgau

A peaceful, familiar beach on one of the extremities of the Natural Park of the Vicentine Coast. It is located in a fishing village.

Praia da Cordoama

When the tide is low, it is possible to gain access to praia do Castelejo. Is usually frequented by young lovers of surfing that justifies the existence of a "…

Praia das Furnas

Beach with caves of rare beauty, with a small stream emptying into the sand. The access is not of the easiest, as it is done by isolated paths and, sometimes, …

Praia do Castelejo

Admirable Beach contrasts, surrounded by black shale rock formations and cliffs high. A long sandy beach and very fine sand, there are areas of pebbles and roc…

Praia Mouranitos

Despite the Beach's natural beauty, access should only be possible by boat; the path that approaches the beach is on dirt and ends on a cliff-top, which you se…

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