Orca de Rapadouro

The Orca of Rapadouro is a set of three monuments noting that that lies at the highest point. Your access is a bit tricky, though, inevitably, make the journey on foot, approximately 200 metres, until you reach the location.




  • Archeological sites
  • Visitable (no guide)
  • True

Monuments near Orca de Rapadouro

Espigueiros de Pendilhe

This set of granaries is fully restored, being inserted in the landscape of the village.

Orca de Pendilhe

This Orca has pre- historical origin and it is classified as a Building of Public Interest. It is well signalized, has good accesses and it easily visible. Thi…

Orca do Picoto do Vasco

It is a dolmen with stone tombs, lobby and corridor intratumular, possessing of paintings and engravings in certain mainstays of the Chamber. This orca is well…

Pelourinho da Avenida da Igreja

The pillory has an inscription on its base, topped by an armillary sphere to supports a cross of Christ. Manueline architecture features.

Pelourinho do Largo da Praça

The pillory of Pendilhe rests on three steps flat. The platform emerges the octagonal column with about 2 meters. The cube-shaped prismatic effort rests on the…

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